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  • Use any fonts from WebInk
  • Prototype using live web fonts
  • Design in Photoshop with the Web Font Plug-in
  • Font previews on live sites with FontDropper
  • Up to 10 unique visitors per day, per project


Why Unique Visitor Pricing is Better

WebINK fonts are downloaded and cached by your visitor’s browser for 30 days. This keeps server traffic at a minimum and your site as fast as possible.

By not charging for page-views, if you have a high website viewer retention, you aren’t penalized for additional traffic. This allows us to make WebINK an affordable part of your web development toolkit.

Annual Plans

$24.99 / year
up to 20,000 unique visitors/month
$69.99 / year
up to 80,000 unique visitors/month
$179.99 / year
up to 200,000 unique visitors/month
Bigger Needs?
from $59/month   Learn More
Unlimited fonts per site
Unlimited websites
Entire WebINK font library
Transferable billing
SSL support
Photoshop Web Font Plug-in
FontDropper font previews
Suitcase Fusion font previews
VIP technical support
Start with a free account. Get creative. Pay when you’re ready!

Pricing FAQ

Why are pricing plans based on Unique Visitors and not page views?
Pricing by unique visitors is a more accurate and fair way to price a service. When someone views your website, WebINK fonts are downloaded and cached by the user’s browser for 30-days. If that user views the same page many times, because the font already exists on their machine, you aren’t charged. So, even if you have visitors who view pages very frequently, your unique visitor count remains low and fairly priced.
What happens if I go over the number of Unique Visitors in my plan?
Choose a plan that includes the unique visitors that you reasonably expect to see visit your website or websites. If you are not sure how much traffic you will receive with a new website, just start out small, if you are wildly successful the upgrade process is very easy. We won’t ever turn off your WebINK service without plenty of warning.
When do you charge my credit card?
The day you sign-up for a paid WebINK subscription we charge your credit card for the full year of service.
Can I use WebINK for my client’s website?
Yes, just set up a project in your account that only serves fonts to your clients site, when it is time to take the website live, simply transfer the project over to your client’s paid WebINK account. No CSS modifications needed.
Are there really no limits on the number of fonts that I can use?
Yup, no limits. Use as many fonts on as many sites as you like! Remember to take into account that good design techniques and font file size should help encourage some restraint. Now go forth and create!
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you have custom billing needs, such as Wire Transfers, Bank Transfers, Checks, Terms, service in trade for cattle, etc. please contact us at and we’ll work out the details.
Do you store my credit card info?
We do not store your credit card information on our servers. Your credit card is only part of the secure transmission during the purchase of your annual plan.
Does my annual subscription automatically renew?
We will notify you by email when your subscription is due for annual renewal. Subscriptions do not automatically renew, so you will be prompted to enter your credit card information as part of the renewal process.
How do I disable my account?
You can manage your account settings by choosing Edit Account from the menu. To completely disable your account, send us an email at